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We only need your interior/exterior videos to create your floor plans!

To ensure the creation of accurate floor plans, we kindly request your assistance in providing interior and exterior videos of your home or site. We have prepared a set of guidelines to help you shoot the videos effectively.

Please take a moment to review the instructional videos below, which will demonstrate the key points to consider while filming your home or site tour. Following these guidelines will greatly contribute to the successful outcome of the floor plan creation. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • After you have finished recording your video(s), you can proceed to upload them by using the Upload button available on the Order Now page.

  • In case you feel that your videos may not be sufficient, you have the option to supplement them by uploading photographs of your residence. This will provide us with additional visual information, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your space for the floor plan creation process.

  • If you already have drawings or sketches of your property and simply wish to convert them into color plans, please proceed by uploading them directly.


Please watch it to review the guidelines for your interior video recordings.

Floor plan of this residence


Please watch it to review the guidelines for your exterior video recordings.

Exterior and Site Plan of this residence

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